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#121 [url]

Feb 6 14 8:31 PM

gunman2410 wrote:
phoking what is pokegen is it an app or a website and if it is a website can you post a link to it please and are you using black/white or black2/white2

Neither lol. you can find it by googling it. I'm using BW2 but it doesn't matter what you use.

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#124 [url]

Feb 6 14 8:34 PM

gunman2410 wrote:
do I just need to download something, and do I need an action replay?


Yes, it's one download. No action replay needed. You can find out more information through google.

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#128 [url]

Feb 6 14 9:54 PM

Sorry, stuff came up, had to be places. Anyways, for all of you having trouble, I recommend you read through this post if you haven't. Me and others have posted some guidelines to get your Pokémon through, as well as an update on Pokémon Bank that is important.

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#131 [url]

Feb 7 14 6:36 AM

Formix13 wrote:
There is like a legit mode with pokegen?

I don't think so. I suggest that you go on Youtube and search "how to get Pokégen Pokémon through Pokébank". There are many great tutorials that I've personally watched.

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#135 [url]

Feb 18 14 5:11 AM

Need help.
I need to transfer a lvl 100 TYRANITAR to X. Adamant nature, no item. I am within the EV limit, all gen 4 moves:dragon claw, earthquake, rock slide, crunch. Met Johto in a poke ball lvl 1. Ot is from my brother's soulsilver game. Legit mode is off but i cant figure out what's wrong.

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#139 [url]

Apr 4 14 1:59 PM

I'm having some issues. nothing I make goes through. I have tried most of the tips: no shinies, less than perfect IVs, no Eggs moves, non dreamworld abilities, no nicknames, from sinnoh, hatched from an egg, low level... nothing goes through.

I just want a shiny female Eevee named Proper. I don't care about her stats or moves, though having perfect stats would be fantastic.
any tips as to how to make this happen?

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